Friday, June 15, 2007

I spent the day making cards.

Sadly, I can't share yet since I submitted 'em to the Rubber Stamper. I'm really happy with two of the three and the third one is still very "me", so I'm hoping that they get picked up. If so, it'll be my third time in that magazine, which will make me happy. If not, I'll have holiday cards ready for the 2007 holidays.

I do love making holiday cards and keep holiday papers in a folder next to my work space. I make holiday cards year round, pretty much whenever the urge strikes me. I'm also equal opportunity and make both Chanukah and Christmas cards.

So, since we're 6 months out, I'll share a few of my older holiday cards. Two of them don't use any stamping at all, but use QuicKutz diecuts. The last one, "Meowy Christmas" uses Sprinkle from the Cat's Pajamas and also uses the clear sticker shim from QuicKutz as the glass globe of a snowglobe.

Papers on the top two are from Flair. I love Flair. It probably shows. The "Meowy Christmas" card uses papers that were a gift, so I have no clue who made them. Oh well.

I don't know if I'll be able to post this weekend as we have a bunch of family stuff going on, which will preclude any paper crafting on my part. :(


  1. These are great, Kathi! I wish I had the holiday card mojo...I'll end up rushing at the last minute....aaahhhhh the holidays..

  2. I never think of making Xmas card in summer! But, this is such a great idea! No last minute card any more! :)

  3. These are great!! Good idea to start early on Holidays Cards ;)

  4. Gotta love someone who is organized and, great cards with Flair!!!!

  5. These cards are fabulous Kathi! :)