Monday, June 25, 2007

Another long weekend...

I've had another long weekend without a chance to sit down with my stuff. I find that if I go for more than a day without "playing", I get grumpy. It's been three or four. Additionally, I'm about to do the ever-so-fun "drive from he!!" and I'm tired because I woke up "very warm", so I'm in a rotten mood.

Hence, I'll share some cards that express my current state of mind. These cards use one of my top ten favorite stamps, "Cocktail Time" by Inky Antics. I stamped the image, used my beloved Masquepen, inked over with my equally beloved Brilliance Inks (though I do love all inks), colored the images with Twinklin' H2Os, and then added K&Co stickers. For some reason, the FiberMark Bling papers scanned very dark. They're textural and sparkly irl.

A note: Whereas I like boozy images (margarita/martini glasses, wine bottles, etc.), I really don't have a drinking problem. Really! *giggle*

Oh. I just thought I'd share that I've voted myself "Mother of the Year" for hosting 20 teenagers for 8 hours on Saturday.


  1. Cute stamp! 20 for 8 hours? No wonder you need a drink!

  2. what a cute stamp! :) I am the same way if I have to go more than a day without creating! :)

  3. Your cards are very relaxing!I love the ladies stamp from Inky Antics. I have two !

    ps 20 teenagers ? can't believe that...

  4. Great cards, I love them!!

    And you defnately sound like Mother of the Year to me :)

  5. Adorable! I get cranky when I can't play with my paper art toys! I love your work.


  6. I love your cards....and I can completely sympathize about the hot flashes! I own one of those battery powered mini-fans...they're a lifesaver!