Thursday, June 7, 2007

Experimenting today!

Gosh. I just love experimenting and playing with my supplies and new techniques!

Today I'm trying out Prismacolor Premiere colored pencils and gamsol, though I'm not using gamsol since I couldn't find it locally. I'm using Sansoder, which seems to be working just fine. I am pleased with the result of my first try, but I won't post it because the stamping was sloppy. It's not easy being a Virgo sometimes.

I had been a bit worried that the Sansoder would aggravate my asthma, but I worked with an open window and was just fine. Whew!

After dinner I'll do some more experimenting and with a little luck, I'll have some cards using this technique to share tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I'm mentally kicking myself in the rear because several years ago, I bought a ton of Prismacolor pencils from an art store that was going out of business. I never really liked using them, so I swapped them for an OTT light, which was supposed to provide lighting for a second table in my craftroom. That table turned into a diecut center and I didn't need the light, so it's stored somewhere.

Now I'll need to get more pencils, though I'll try to survive with the 36 pencil set that I got for 50% off at Michael's.

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