Friday, August 10, 2012

Oops! Or time flies...

Greetings earthlings! I bet you were wondering what had happened to me, that is all three of you who visit my blog. Ha!

I haven't stopped crafting. I was just busy getting stuff submitted and trying my hand at some new stuff. If you look down at the sidebar on the right, you'll notice that my blog is sporting a spiffy new item.

Yep. I attended an Intermediate Copic class last week and am newly certified. The class was taught my the enthusiastic, entertaining, and super-talented Colleen Schaan with an able assist by the lovely and also-seriously talented Lori Craig.

It was a long class, but I was sitting with some fabulous people and I learned a lot. I'm embracing "the dark side" with my color choices and am trying to use what I've learned. I'm still processing a lot of the information, which will no doubt result in some total failures. That's cool because I do learn from my mistakes. It's odd for me to plan light sources and such like. I guess I'm not used to thinking while I create. :D

Here's one of my experiments.

The stamp is Hailey's Heart (AB-007-V) from Third Coast's Spring 2012 supplement. She and her sister live on page 53.

I was trying to get away from "Vampire" coloring, which is totally out of my comfort zone. I was really happy using very light colors with subtle shading for the skin of my people. This one uses E000, E02, and E4. Yikes. Really, really scary. I went with some fairly strong contrast on her face because she's on the edgier side.

I also learned that people really do have halos, especially me. *snicker* So, I put a halo into her hair. I also added two cast shadows. Brave me.

The patterned papers are ancient Daisy Bucket papers that had hearts and dots and worked well with my plan, so I matched the BG colors and R colors to the paper. I cut the sentiment pinked circle from the patterned paper and added a few gemstones to finish it. I used one of my tried and true "go to" designs, because I was feeling lazy.

Why was I feeling lazy? Well, I colored her once, then a C3 marker ran dry, so I refilled it and it dripped directy into the center of her face. FUBAR#1. So I stamped it and colored it again. The eyes came out blotchy, so I made them the last thing to do. I fixed the pupils with black, then proceeded to color the irises. Except, I colored the white of the left eye, after coloring the right eye correctly. *sigh. FUBAR#2. So I went for the hat trick, but didn't screw it up. Woot! Yay me.

In addition to those two epic fails, I also have been trying to stamp and color on dominos with totally ghastly results. Twice. Sigh.

Anyways, thanks for visiting today!


  1. Fantastic card, Kathi! Love the DP and the cool image! Great job on the coloring! Let's just say I had a similar coloring day this week. Luckily the third one was a charm, which was a good thing because I wasn't doing it again!

  2. Congrats on being certified !!! :)
    Looks like you've learnt a lot - great colouring!

  3. Yes, Kathi, you are certifiable. Completely. And thank goodness--I hate being the only one. :^P Seriously, though, congrats on the certification. I found the class informative and fun--I had Marianne Walker for an instructor and she is really good! :^)
    So, FUBAR, huh? Well, I had to redo both of my granddaughters' images this week for their cards. From start to finish. Probably why I haven't tackled another card for a few days! So you are not alone in that department, either!
    You did a great job on this image and I love the colors and papers you used. :^)
    BTW, I'm having a hard time believing the bit about your halo. Sorry. Pfffffft! ;^)

  4. Love the colouring of this image. Great card!

  5. Despite all your FUBARS, she turned out great. I like the way you colored her skin tones. Sometimes I feel like I'm stuck in a rut using the same old color combinations, so even though it takes more work, it's worth it to try something different. Congrats on the new Certification, too.

  6. Beautiful, Kathi! Congrats on taking the Intermediate Class! Your coloring is fab and love your card design & colors!