Sunday, September 23, 2007

A design principle that makes me happy.

When designing a card, tag, or scrapbook layout, I try to follow a few basic design principles. One of my favorite principles is "grounding", which does NOT refer what I do to the teenager when she misbehaves!

In design, grounding refers to placing an image so that it does not appear to be floating about the project.

I recently started doing something that really resonates with me. Perhaps it's my control-freak Virgo nature, but grounding a stamped image inside a letter just makes me really, really happy.

Anyways, both of these cards feature justjohanna stamps from the summer '07 release. I live in hope that Graduating Al will get a lot of use from me next June as my dd and her friends graduate. The paper is from Reminisce and is shimmery irl.

I think that Sleeper is the most peaceful and sweet looking bird ever. IMHO he looks wonderful inside the "C" in Peace. I do believe that I'll be re-creating that card for some of my holiday cards. My dh brought home the parchment-looking paper, which is very lightweight and is made for inkjets. It takes stamping really well and also makes chalked images look shimmery. It's very cool. I'm glad I stole it from him. *giggle* Anyways, the patterned paper is very old holiday paper from Daisy D. I'm glad I hoarded a stash of it because I still really, really love it.

Well, enough rambling for today. Try grounding some images in some letters. Maybe it'll make your inner Virgo smile too.

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  1. Great cards! You should see what the word verification is for me on this comment!! LOL Let's see if I make it..

  2. Marvelous idea! I love "grounding" idea!!

  3. Fabulous cards - especially the PEACE one - I love that bird too - will have to check out these stamps you're mentioning!