Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Coolin' off.

We've been enjoying wonderful weather this past week. It's cooled off sufficiently so that I can open my windows, which is wonderful for a variety of reasons. The house can air out. We're saving on the electric bill. The cats can enjoy sultry breezes and interesting scents. Lastly, I can use alcohol inks and other volatile or smelly substances and not asphyxiate myself.

I've got asthma and allergies, plus I'm married to a chemist, so Gamsol frightened me somewhat. A while back, I purchased Eco House's Citrus Cleaner #115, which contains mostly orange oils with a tiny bit of mineral spirits. However, it is rather overpoweringly orange-y which was a bit much in my poorly ventilated craft room, especially since I tend to color with my face rather close to my work surface (which will be remedied soon after a visit to the eye doctor).

So I was delighted to pull out my Prismacolor pencils and the Citrus Cleaner and have at it. It was my second time using the Citrus Cleaner and stumps to blend the pencils and whereas it's not staggeringly wonderful, I'm fairly happy with the card I made.

4x4 Friday's challenge this week was to create bird themed card. So I did! I think this was my first 4x4 and I must say that I love this size!

All stamps are justjohanna's. The birds are Sylvie left & Sylvie right (I do love that she does mirror image stamps) and the hearts branch. I've used this paper a lot, but I bought a pack of it at a warehouse sale a while back. While I was looking for something, I found a stash of epoxies that I had also purchased at that sale and put "someplace safe".

I sure nattered on about one measley card today. Didn't I? *chortle*

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  1. Interesting tip on the orange cleaner! I love the background you made here!

  2. Kathi, this is such a wonderful sweet card!

  3. Love all your justjohanna stamped cards!

  4. I love Sylvie too! You made the hearts looking like dancing on the tree! Lovely!

  5. Very cute! The background paper is perfect. Very nice layout. :)

  6. This is great!! Bright and cheerful! Love it!