Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Another sneak peek!

Here's another sneak peek of three of the new justjohanna stamps that will be coming out real soon.

When I saw the cobweb image, I thought that it would work really well with the window that I made in AppleWorks Drawing Module. This time, I decided that I'd change the point of view from inside-looking-out to outside-looking-in.

So, I printed out another window, cut out the panes with my exacto (I really need exacto 101), put the cobweb onto a transparency, which I placed into the corners of two panes. I also put transparency behind the other two panes.

Then I thought to myself, well that window needs a cat! So, I colored Devilish Priscilla, cut her out, and stuck her in the window too! Then I realized that I needed window treatments, so I created a shade from dotted vellum, and adhered a piece of peach cardstock behind it all.

I had a piece of Cosmo Cricket that reminded me of a wood shingles, so I decided to mount the window onto that.

Being me, I realized that my cutting lines were visible, so I got out my white acrylic paint, and sloppily painted the wood "window frame" and intentionally got some paint onto the transparency.

I added the sentiment, which I think is totally hilarious and fits the state of my house! Now I need to ask Johanna to create a stamp about my catfur tumbleweeds.

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Great card - love the saying and the way you used it in the window.

  2. wow! you made the window frame look great & unique! it is smart to paint sloppily. turned out great!