Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Bombshell Stamps: July Sketch Challenge!

Here's my sketch for Bombshell Stamps for this month! Please feel free to get out your Bombshell stamps, take the sketch, and make a project. Then enter it over at Bombshell's Forum or at the Blog for a chance to win your choice of a free set of Bombshell Stamps!

Here's the sketch!

Here's my take on the sketch:

Here's a close-up of the image:

The stamp is from the Mermaid Anchor set by Bombshell Stamps.

I started this card over the weekend and it was a pita from the start for some reason or another. I decided that I wanted to do the no-black Copic coloring thing and wanted the coloring to look as though a human woman was turning into a mermaid.

I stamped the image and started coloring. But I had to go out and do stuff, so I put it aside and came back to it later in the day. After wine. Colored it. Messed up. Started again. Stamped, colored, but didn't finish because I was fried. Went to sleep, got up, and had to drive out to visit my Mom. That drive is the original Hell Drive. For real. Anyway, had a nice visit, got home, had wine, fell asleep in front of the tv. Woke up, then colored for a while and finished the image. Then brilliant me decided to draw the eyes and lips back in using Copic liner pens (forget their name). Hated it. Said to myself, "screw this" and went to bed.

Woke up, decided it sucked, and ran some errands. Came home, decided it didn't suck that bad and started coloring it again. Liked it better. Masked it, airbrushed the background, and proceeded to put the long tall card together. Measured wrong, didn't realize it, and cut. Tried to fix it and screwed up again. Finally decided that perfection was overrated and voila, my wonky cut card.

So that's the story. I like parts of it. Hate other parts. Kind of reflects life, don'tchathink?

The mat layers are shiny white paper and shiny textured blue paper The strips are shiny white paper that was airbrushed. The patterned papers are from the late lamented Flair Designs company.

Let's hope my next project doesn't give me fits!

Thanks for visiting.

***Edited to add***
Lest you think I'm a wino, I'm not. I'm a wine enthusiast. There is a difference.

We enjoy wine with dinner. I usually have a glass or two, which makes me fall asleep. My purring familiar aids in this process. I sit on the recliner, she comes over, perches next to me, and purrs. I fall asleep. Sometimes with the tv on. Other times not.

I used to be able to drink a bit more, stay relatively sober, AND stay awake. Not anymore. So sad.


  1. Stop stalking my brain!!!! Love how you colored her legs. It is really pretty. The anchor too!!!

  2. Kathi, I think the card turned out great! Love the mermaid! Didn't know you were a wino, like me! LOL! ;^)
    And yes, liking and hating at the same time does reflect life!

  3. LOL - you're too funny! Your image came out gorgeous! I think if you had enough wine, you could have cracked it out and posted it in one sitting - while still being happy, lol! It's beautiful!

  4. Girl, you have this technique down pat. Gorgeous doesn't begin to cover it.

  5. Kathi, Kathi, Kathi...would you like some CHEESE to go with that WHINE (wine)??? hee hee hee. I am impressed that you tackled this's one I haven't even TRIED yet. You did AWESOME too...dang. I think this is call for celebration! How about some wine??? <3

  6. Fantastic card, Kathi! I've never tried the "no lines' thing - I'm too afraid! I think your coloring looks fabulous! Thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog!

  7. Fabulous card and mermaid. Beautiful work.
    Lovely greet

  8. Stunning colouring despite the drama!! She looks SO different without the black outline- gorgeous work!!!

  9. She's a beauty and so is your card! Fabulous coloring!

  10. I love your coloring. I think it is amazing. Do you remember what colors you used? also, what ink do you use for your noline technique. I think I am getting the courage to try it soon. I'm new to copics.
    marilyn2222 @