Saturday, December 20, 2008

Whoooo's waiting for Santa?

I've been insanely busy with a gazillion things to do and absolutely no energy or holiday spirit to do them. The freshman returned on Tuesday evening and we did some shopping on Thursday. Then I was prepared to finish up most of it yesterday and it snowed all day long. People in New Jersey can't drive in the snow, so I stayed safely indoors.

I also had been postponing the creation of a gift for my mother and then discovered (to my stunned disbelief) that I did not have the correct size of a key element (binding coil) and a title for said gift. Eek! So, I'm going with "Plan B", copping out on the title, and then ordering the correct gizmo to fix it at a later date. You'd think at my age that I would have learned that procrastination isn't a good idea. *sigh*

I just spent most of the day doing the stuff I would have done yesterday: running the errands, doing more holiday shopping, and the stupidmarket shopping for a family party tomorrow. I was going to make crudités and dip and a fruit platter for the party. I just found out that we are, indeed, going to get the second storm, so we will probably end up cancelling our trip and I'll end up with a ton of fruit I can't eat (silly diet). But, on the plus side, I get more time to finish that gift properly (if mail order works in a timely fashion) and I now have 98% of my holiday shopping done (though not wrapped). Every cloud does have a silver lining though I'd much prefer that the cloud brought rain rather than snow.

Hee. Enough blather. The stamps used on this card are Kelly's Owl in a Hole Big and Kelly's Tree Trunk Pattern (imho makes awesome water too). The Santa hat is a rub-on from QuicKutz with some added sparkly glitter. It shows up better irl. Coloring was done with Copic Markers and the patterned paper is from the Holly Jolly collection by Flair Designs. I know that's a big shockaroo.

Thanks for visiting today.


  1. That owl is TOOOOO cute! Love the glitter! :D

    We've had ice here, and now a ton of wind which is making the ice shoot off the trees like projectile knives. Fun times.

    I finally mailed the Christmas cards today and starting wrapping. I've got no holiday spirit either. Humbug!

  2. Cute owl! Love all the sparkle!

  3. I love the patterns of the paper with the coloring of the owl TFS