Monday, March 10, 2008

March Newsletter Sketch v.2.0 & You're tagged!

Here's my second card for the current sketch challenge. Click here to see the sketch. You'll have to use your imagination to pretend that the plastic charm thingy is hanging straight. I should have taken a photo rather than scanning it, but both cameras had dead batteries. How does that happen? *sigh*

Anyways, this one uses my beloved sylvie stamps and little bumble with Basic Grey's Lily Kate papers. I unearthed the Junkitz spring charm thingy from deep in my stash and tied it on with a bit of ribbon.

***Abrupt subject change***

My friend, Donna, tagged me and a few others. I'm supposed to reveal seven little-known and odd facts about myself. Then I'm supposed to tag others. I'm not big on the "tagging others" part of the deal, so if you read this, consider yourself tagged. 'k?

1. I'm a germaphobe and hopelessly addicted to Purell. I've got bottles in my purse, a pump bottle in my car, and bottles in almost every room in the house. Sadly, I've passed my germaphobia onto the teenager. Poor thing.

2. I can't stand to have my feet touched by anyone other than myself. My first and only pedicure was last January and I twitched, jumped, and giggled like a lunatic.

3. I'm a night owl married to an early bird. The teenager and the cats are night owls. Fortunately, we're quiet night owls and rarely hoot and holler.

4. I'm a native New Yorker, but have never been to the Empire State building or all the way to the observation area of the Statue of Liberty.

5. I have my credit card numbers memorized. It's a nice party trick that amuses some, though not my husband.

6. My friends and my family consider me to be a grammar Nazi. They have me do a lot of their proofreading and some of their writing. The teenager does not.

7. I hate opera. Actually, that's not true. I like the music. I just wish they wouldn't sing. This was a huge secret when I worked for Stagebill — the publisher of the program magazines for the Metropolitan Opera House in NYC.

So, tag! You're it!

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  1. Another sweet and springy sketch card!!

    I love to read your little-known something! You are fun! I don't like opera either... same reason like you! :)

  2. I love this card. I love that your birds on branches from the patern paper.

  3. This is so effective Kathi, I really love it!