Thursday, March 27, 2008

Home again, home again

Jiggedy jig.

The teenager and I took a brief road trip to visit one of the two colleges under consideration. She shadowed a student volunteer, sitting in on classes, going to meals, getting the "real" tour, and staying overnight in the volunteer's dorm room. The hostess/volunteer was great. The teenager had a wonderful time and came away with a very positive experience and a very positive impression of the college.

While she was otherwise engaged, I stayed at a hotel and spent the day making cards. I should have taken a photo of my hotel room. I had one bed covered with crafting supplies! The table was adorned with four drinking glasses filled with colored pencils. I made a quick decision to bring my extra OTT light, which was fortunate since the room had inadequate lighting. Yay OTT.

Since the teenager slept in a sleeping bag on the linoleum floor and since I was entertained all night by exhuberantly vocal honeymooners, the teenager and I were really happy to return home.

We get to do another road trip in a week or so. Then it'll be decision time!

I used justjohanna's spring tree, sophie, and birdhouse to make this card.

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  1. Gorgeous card! Sounds like you got a lot done while your teenager was doing college preview days!

  2. Beautiful Card!!
    Full of Spring atmosphere!

  3. LOL....exhuberantly vocal honeymooners...heehee!

    I love this card SO very much! How did you create the sky??? I'm all ears!