Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Revised Beware!

After posting the card on Facebook, I realized that the birch trees should have been in front of the moon. Rather than embrace imperfection since:  (a) it already has enough flaws from coloring, etc. (b) I'm a Virgo, I decided to fix it and share my fix with you. Teachable moments and all that hooey.

I placed the Birch Landscape stencil back over the piece, lining it up as well as I could. I then traced the branches over the moon using the Old Paper Distress marker. Alas, the fine point of the marker was dry and the ink didn't work well over the acrylic paint on the moon, so I had to "Plan B" it and grabbed a Sepia Pitt Artist marker (Faber Castell), which of course, was darker than the Distress marker. I couldn't just darken the lines of a few branches and a tree, so I had to outline all the trees and branches to make them all the same-ish color. When I was done, I used the acrylic paint maker to touch up the white of the moon.

By the way, it's still not perfect. I just saw another mistake, but I'm going to let it go.

So there you have it.

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