Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Bombshell Stamp Release!

I'm so excited because Bombshell Stamps has four new sets being released. They're available for pre-order at a special price now.

I'm especially excited about the banner set because I've been pestering Shannon to create a set featuring the vintage banners with everyday card sentiments. Unlike others (coughfamilycough), she actually responded to my nagging! *huge grin*

The Banner Set:

The Butterfly set: (Can't ever have too many butterfly stamps!)

Sacred Heart Art set:

All My Heart set:

Do you have a favorite? I know that I want them all!!!

Oh. You still have today to play along with August's challenges and a chance to win a fabulous prize. Visit Bombshell's Forum to check 'em out!

The September challenges will be up in time for Labor Day weekend!

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