Wednesday, August 19, 2009

OBP DT Spooky Blog Hop!

Color me crimson with embarrassment. I misread the directions for the blog hop and thought I was supposed to post at 6 PM, not 6 AM. Oops. So I still haven't made my card. Bad me, procrastinating yet again.

Not only that, but I broke the link in the chain (cue Chain of Fools by Aretha).

So here's a wall hanging that I never posted that uses Priscilla Devilish Cat, Thorny Flourish, Solid Skull, and "Eek".

I will create another card, but meanwhile, hop along to Laura and spend some time there. Her stuff rocks!

Sorry! Oy.


  1. It's a great wall hanging Kathi! What is the background of it made from...metal? Corrugated paper?

  2. Great wall hanging! Love the striped/corrrugated paper or cardboard you used, very effective! Cool red eyed Priscilla!

  3. You are cracking me up!! Love your wall hanging!!

  4. This is really cool looking plus you gave us all a good laugh today with your funny posts :) You rock!

  5. The base layer is Cosmo Cricket wood grained patterned paper!

  6. It may be late, but it sure is cute. Love it.