Thursday, October 30, 2008

Our Halloween Candy Jar

I made this jar several years ago when I was on the FiberMark dt. That was a fun gig. Anyways, I sort of went nuts with punches and dies and the lovely FiberMark textured papers, plus a few DoodleBug stickers thrown in for good measure.

This jar is sooooo very me. Mini scenes, some with a little macabre humor, and loads of color and texture. Not surprisingly it was never picked up for publication. I guess the decapitated paper dolls were too much. Heck! The dolls are not even holding their bloody dripping heads the way they were in a haunted house scrapbook layout that I did years ago.

BTW, the freshman received her Halloween package and loved it. I'm a cool mom once again. Go me! And she HAD read my blog after all, but at least the rest of the package was a big surprise. Best yet is that it arrived and was opened in time for Halloween.

Thanks for visiting today.


  1. These jars are adorable....I love your mini scenes....!

  2. WAY COOL jar! Yeah for being a COOL mom too!

  3. This is AWESOME you have done a wonderful job!

  4. How cute is this?! I love it! :D