Friday, October 10, 2008

Fall/Halloween invitation

I've been remiss in updating the ol' blog, but I've got two good excuses. (1) I went to visit the Freshman for "Family Weekend" and had a great time. (2) While there, we went to the Aquarium and some children sneezed on me or something since I've been sick since Tuesday, complete with chills, fever, weakness, dizziness, muscle aches, muscle cramps, sinus headaches, stuffed nose, runny nose, sore throat, and a cough. Lovely. Just lovely. I've been napping a lot and drinking inordinate amounts of tea. I'm totally irritated because I had lots of cleaning, exercising, crafting, and job hunting to do and all I've been good for is sleeping and whinging. Lots and lots of whinging.

Anyways, this card is to kick off the Halloween season. Halloween is my favorite holiday. I love to wear my teeth-chattering skull pin, one of my head bands with devil ears, cat ears, etc, and my ever-so-fashionable plastic skeleton earrings. Plus, I really love watching the little ones come to the house Trick or Treating.

It'll be a bit bittersweet as this will be the first year that I don't have a herd of teenagers hanging about. But I'll get over it and save candy for the little people too.

Anyways, the card features the Spring Tree and a variety of owls from Odd Bird Planet stamps. The paper is by Flair Designs' Autumn Harvest line, which is one of my favories. The sentiment is computer generated. Coloring was done with Prismacolor pencils.

You should definitely visit Odd Bird Planet's store since there are four Halloween-themed kits, including a special edition A La Tarte kit! Check them out by clicking here!

Thanks for visiting today!


  1. This is hauntingly beautiful!!! I wouldn't want that many owls chasing after me! I too love Halloween and hope you get well soon!

  2. So sorry you're under the weather. I hope the rotten kiddos who got you sick get nothing but rocks in their Halloween treat bags. Eat lots of chicken soup and feel better soon! Another darling card... love all the owls guarding that tree. I hope R is loving her freshman year!


  3. I love your Halloween invitation....Halloween is my favorite holiday too!
    I hope your feeling much better now.