Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day cards are like potato chips...

I bet you're wondering how the heck Valentine's Day cards could be like potato chips? Do you remember the old commercial that stated that it was impossible to just eat one Lays potato chip? Yep...imho Valentine's Day cards are like potato chips, you can't only make one.

Anyways, this is a card that I made some time last year. I saw something silver shining in a trash can and checked because sometimes things get inadverently tossed. I found several tiny (and functioning) handcuffs. So I went to the ever-stylish teenager and asked about them. She had purchased a handcuff bracelet and it had broken, so she tossed it.

As a crafter I've learned to see objects a bit differently, so when I saw the mini cuffs, I immediately envisioned this card. I'm happy with it and like the juxtaposition of the soft pink of the Flair Designs paper with the metal.

I've probably revealed a little too much about my thought processes. Scary, no?

Thanks for visiting my CRAFT blog today.


  1. What a great card, love it, love it, love it, wonder if the handcuffs have anything to do with it LOL. Great card.

  2. this handcuff is super cute!!!
    and, yes, I have decided that my Febuary will be love month! More and more love cards!

  3. Wow! So many wonderful Valentine Cards:)
    This one is so unique!!

    I love it!!

  4. Fab card, love the little handcuffs