Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Picked up and dropped

This card was picked up by a defunct magazine, but didn't make it to print in the "new" magazine. Even though I included a sase, the card never made it home to me.

I decided to set it free on my blog, so here it is. It seems a bit darker than I remember, but my memory is decidedly uneven. In any case, rolling hills and sophie are justjohanna stamps. The sky paper is Chicken Little by Cosmo Cricket. I do love that paper and use it frequently.

This is another one of many Valentine's Day cards. I love Valentine's Day. It's a chocolate occasion, so what could be bad?

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  1. This card is beautiful. Their loss that they never printed it.

  2. the sky you colored is fantastic! great card!

  3. It is lovely - their loss. Bummer you didn't get is back to send it elsewhere.

  4. How sad that it didn't make it into the magazine....I'm so happy that you showed it now on your blog!

  5. This card absolutely deserved to be published! Thanks for sharing it on your blog. Really fabulous use of these stamps, and such a gorgeous sky!