Friday, July 6, 2007

I'm a bad, bad blogger.

I'm a bad, bad blogger and really have no excuse. I have been busily making cards and suchlike, I just haven't gotten around to scanning anything.

I have been taking photos of the cats and the kid, but haven't printed a photo in ages.

Apparently my follow-through is rather poor.

Tomorrow is Flash & Duchess'* 8th Birthday. Their birthday present is a can of Chicken of the Sea tuna.

In honor of their special day, I will post cat layouts. Big whoop I know. And yes, the cats have their own album and yes, they've both been published. Pretty much every one if my family has been in one of my paltry amount of published layouts. Except me.

Anyways, "Tennis anyone?" features Flash. He's a handsome fellow and very photogenic. He also is the most dog-like cat I've ever met. He's a ginormous wimp and is afraid of thunderstorms. He also has lately become a murderer, having caught and killed several mice.

"Basketcase" features Duchess who is a very beautiful, albeit odd-looking cat. Her mom (and Flash's mom) was a Cleo, a tiny tabby, who went into first heat, escaped, and had herself some fun. We don't know who her dad was and Cleo's owners wouldn't go door to door to find him. Spoilsports. Anyways, we think her dad was a ragdoll. She's got tabby markings, but is a longhair and has the fur and demeanor of a ragdoll. She's a very serious cat and is our alpha cat. She is also known as "Mouselicker" because she captures mice, holds them by their tails, and licks them. She's got loads of personality and is a very sweet and beautiful girl. I think that Priscilla looks like Duchess. What do you think?

Wowza. I can ramble, no?

Bet that was way more than you wanted to know about my kitties.

*Grammar question and I'm too lazy to look it up in Strunk & White. Where does the apostrophe go? Should there be one after Flash too?


  1. These pages are beautiful! This post is interesting! I love it!

    I am curious too about the grammar... I think.. no apostrophe after flash :P

  2. I can't read, write or spell....but I think you have it correct as is. :)