Sunday, December 2, 2012

Gelli Plates Experiment -- Take One

A while back, I read about Gelli Art Printing Plates on Facebook and got intrigued. I did a lot of blurfing, watched a ton of videos, and agonized whether this was something I wanted to try.

Then I found an offer from Dick Blick that I could not refuse and went for it. Being me, I was overjoyed to get my packet, then promptly put it away. For months. I'm goofy like that. In fact, when I have the urge for chocolate, I buy some, and don't eat it. Just buying it would satisfy that urge. Am I weird or what???

I finally got the Gelli Plate out last week and had fun playing with it for several hours. I used Jo Sonja acrylic paints and a mess of stencils from both The Crafter's Workshop and Art Cellar.

Here's a collage of several of the prints. Click on it to enlarge the image.

I will most definitely use some of these prints for something or another and I can't wait to play again since I learned quite a bit from my mistakes (backward numbers, too much paint, too little paint, bad color combos, etc.). I think I need to get more fluid paint, but I plan on experimenting with what I have on hand (old cheapo acrylics for instance) and incorporating some of these prints in my "schtuff", especially since I seem to be sliding down that slippery slope into mixed media art.

Thanks for visiting today!


  1. Oooh, Kat Lady, love these! They'll make great background pieces!
    I stopped in to congratulate you on your new DT with Kenny K! I am so happy for you--so well-deserved! :^)
    Big hugs, Penny

  2. These look like fun to do! I love getting hands-on with mixed media stuff - don't show much of what I do but it is fun to play :)

  3. Hi, Kat! Just popped in to congratulate you and welcome you to the Krafty Krew! We'll be so glad to have you and I look forward to working with you in January. These gelli prints are awesome! See you soon!

    Hugs, Annie
    KKKK Team A

  4. BTW, I meant to tell you that, yes, yes you are weird. Who doesn't eat chocolate when they buy it? But you are weird in a very nice way. Really.

  5. ooooooh, these look nummy. I cannot wait to see what you do with them. Never heard of Gelli Art Printing before.

  6. Hey Kathi,

    I just got a Gelli Plate too and wow! what a fun tool.

    Your prints are gorgeous! Mine have been mixed, some I'm proud of and some just terrible.

    Have you tried the printing with stamping/masking yet? It looks really cool.

    Congrats on joining the Krafty Krew!