Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bombshell Stamps Hump Day Hop!

She said,
Make anything you want, as long as there is something "new" for you in it. Never made jewelry before? Give it a go! Never attempted a tri-fold card? Now is the perfect time! Perhaps you've never used pink with your Bombshells....why not experiment? Wow us with your experimentation!

I took Alison's challenge and finally liberated my Melting Pot from its infernal plastic cocoon. The plan was to make UTEE porcelain roses and some shrink plastic earrings.

My first attempt on the roses was an epic fail.

My first attempt with the shrink plastic was a fail too, though not epic. Who knew that stamped StazOn ink would run in the UTEE? Not me. However, I did end up with some curious looking "tiles" and had fun watching the shrink plastic writhe in the hot UTEE.

So, due to the above and my usual tendency towards procrastination, my project will be late...

Well, here it is with a gazillion photos, that were taken with the flash because it was dark out. *sigh*

Here it is!

Close-up of "Porcelain Roses", which are red, purple, and kraft (note the ladybug charm on the leaf):

Close-up of Rose & Señora Muerta:

Close-up of Rose Quote on Shrink Plastic:

Close-up of earrings:

Alison, our lovely Hump Day Hop Hostess, challenged us to "Try Something New!".

Close-up of Frame with earrings:

Close-up of "rejects", though I think they're sort of cool.

Here's the short version of what I did. Hah.
1) Punched six-petal flowers, cut 'em, shaped 'em, sprayed them with Ranger's Gold misty stuff, and then dipped them into a nice hot relaxing bath of UTEE in the Melting Pot. It took awhile to get three that I would show in public. I also punched a mess of flowers from green cardstock and they took a UTEE bath too. Note to self: stuff gets darker in UTEE!

2) Stamped Rose from Rose's Portrait set and Señora Muerta from the Mi Amor set. I had several frustrating Copic coloring problems, but then got two that didn't make me want to puke.

3) Stamped the guns and the skeleton from the Retro Cowgirl set onto shrink plastic, die cut them, and colored them with Copics. I stamped the flames from the Hearts on Fire set with red, orange, and yellow StazOn. Then I tossed 'em into the melting pot, which was a failure, but was fun and yielded some interesting results that I think are somewhat cool.

4) Stamped everything all over again onto the shrink plastic (clear and white), die cut them, and heat set them with my heat gun. This time it sort of worked, so I added earrings and jump rings (need to get larger circular ones) to swap out. Oh. I also stamped the rose quote from Rose's Portrait set and heat set that to shrink it because why the heck not? Yeah. I also realized that having the guns pointing up (bang to the head) was not a great idea, so I found a bit of clear shrink plastic left, restamped the guns, then used alcohol ink on the reverse of them, then shrunk 'em. :D

5) Sponged three colors of Distress Ink onto Ideology's Kraft Resist paper, spritzed it with Gold Ranger misty stuff, then adhered it to a frame from the dollar store.

6) Cut down some screen and added it to the aperture and added some foam tape to the back to give some room for earrings to be hung from the mesh with care, in the hope that Santa would soon be there. Nope. :D

7) Glued all sorts of stuff to the frame.

8) Took photos and then bored you all spitless!

P.S. I took a look at this online and decided I didn't like the two Bombshells on it, so I've taken them off and will use them on other projects. :D

Thanks for coming back to see this!

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  1. As I stated on Kelli's blog..."There are no mistakes in art. These are only opportunities to employ your creativity. I call these...flopportunities".


    (cough, cough, wheeeeeze)

  2. So sorry your original plans weren't working. But at least you learned a few things! I hope your next attempt pleases you. Good luck! I'll be back later!

  3. I gad some problems with my shrinkplastic is not easy to work with I think...

  4. To quote a famous actor - "I will be back"

  5. Save the best for last, right? Your project is gorgeous & worth the wait!

  6. I think your project is awesome! I wasn't bored by your description at all. Very cool.:)

  7. I love your flowers!!!! And I will NEVER go near UTEE!!! You stick it in the UTEE, take it out of the UTEE... It scares me!

  8. Wow! Awesome! Totally worth the wait! And honestly, I really, really like your "rejects!" The flowers are beautiful! Makes me wanna try out the UTEE!!!

  9. I love those roses. They look really awesome.

  10. AWESOME - love the roses and the earrings are cool :-D Well worth the wait. xxxxxxxx

  11. The roses turned out fabulous! And even the reject earrings are cool, I especially like the flames :)

  12. Very creative work Kathi! I love how the roses turned out!