Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wish me luck! Patterned Paper Purging!

I've decided it's time to get rid of older patterned papers from my ginormous stash.

The PPP criteria are:
• Papers that I haven't used in eons.
• Companies that are no longer in business. This makes me sad since I miss Flair Designs, Scenic Route, Daisy D, Daisy Bucket, Chatterbox, and a bunch of other companies. However, I am keeping some papers that I still love. These are mostly ones with smaller patterns that are best for cardmaking or that I know will work well with lots of my stamps.
• Old, OLD, OLD papers from current companies that I haven't used at all since my "style", such as it is, has changed. This one is tough because one inner voice says "If you start scrapping again, you'll be sorry you gave this away." Another inner voice says "Get rid of it. If you start scrapping again, you can buy new." Yes. Apparently I hear voices.
• Papers with huge freaking patterns. They were pretty, but hard for me to use because I hated covering them up, which is kind of counterproductive for scrapping and cardmaking.

I really want to see all of my old Club Scrap papers too, but that will be another week's project.

So, wish me luck and wish me strength to face my inner voices.

Meanwhile, my daughter's friend gets first crack at my cast offs. What she doesn't want will be donated...


  1. Are we on the same wavelength? I've been purging through my scrap stuff today too! Would Rebecca's friend like to have first crack at my castoffs as well?

  2. I know what you mean Kathi, and I should do the same with my stash of old papers! Good luck with your quest!

  3. Good luck! Purging can be fun because you can make room for new stuff!