Friday, January 28, 2011

Snow Queen Revisited *snicker*

I took these photos to show you how much of the white stuff we've got on the ground right now. I'm in these photos as a "measurement stick", as it were.

I'm ~5'3"ish in these photos as I'm 5'1" (according to my driver's license *grin*) and I'm wearing 2" heels.

Oh yeah. It's currently snowing. Again. Bother (which is a nice version of what I'd really like to say).

This one is to show the snow behind me and which also explains why my biceps hurt today. It was tough to get the snow up there.

This one is to show off the beautiful scarf that was hand-made specifically for me by Nicole, my good friend and role model for persistance and the importance of a positive attitude. She's wicked talented too.

By the way, that is snow, not dandruff in my hair. Please ignore the crow's feet, straggly eyebrows, etc. I need to use some tooth-whitening stuff or lay off the coffee and red wine. Guess which option I'll choose.

Thanks for visiting!


  1. oh yeah, we've got some of that over here too!

  2. Oh my lordy, that's a lot! I heard you guys got a bunch but it's different when you're the meter stick! Love your new scarf too! So lovely!

  3. Kathi,

    You look lovely in the scarf. I'm so glad you like it.

    Sorry about all the snow you've been getting this winter - you've been buried in it!

    We haven't got near enough. Too bad we can't trade :-)

  4. Hope it's stopped snowing by now Kathi!