Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bombshell's Hump Day Hop -- "She's Mighty Mighty"

Angela, our Head Hump Day Hottie, decided that this week's challenge is the Brick Wall technique which was recently a tutorial by Brigit at SplitCoast!

Angela named the the challenge "She's Mighty Mighty" because of the fabulous Commodores song, Brick House.

Here's my take on the challenge!

I wanted my card to look like artwork drawn on a wall and then aged by exposure to the elements and street grime. I stamped the ship from the Homeward Bound set by Bombshell stamps, drew in a frame, and then watercolored the scene and swiped on some black and gray chalk to muddy it up a bit. I wrote "Dreams", hoping to make it look graffiti-ish. I had fully meant to make it "Dreamz" with a "z", but my inner editor/proofreader apparently took over my brain. Then I cut the image into strips, then bricks (with some goofs that made the whole thing a bit uneven and tilted), and reassembled the image. I used Distress ink to further age and distress the "brick wall".

Thanks for stopping by! Now go visit the other hoppers' blogs to see how they interpreted the challenge. Remember to post a comment at each stop along the way to get the chance to win a fabulous prize!

Here's the list!

Ms. November - Mary G.

Glittery Katie




Miss Magoo


  1. This is a great job. It really looks like the side of a grocery store or other shop that has been around for ages. It's fantastic. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. This looks so dimensional...I love it!

  3. Looks like way cool grafitti!

  4. Whoa Kathi! This totally looks like a photo of a brick wall with a chalk painting on it! Eye popping gorgeous, and brilliantly executed. I am once again in awe.

  5. This is so cool. Looks just like a painting on a wall. You rock!

  6. This really looks like graffiti on a wall! What a super job!

  7. Wow! It reminds me of proper graffiti art on real brick walls! :)

  8. Ohhh...I've been wanting to try this technique! Your card is awesome, can't believe you cut and pasted all of those tiles!! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  9. Wow! Love this! I need to try this technique sometime!