Friday, June 19, 2009

Father's Day card #1

I was looking at my OBP Plumber stamps which are part of the Father's Day sale at OBP and even further discounted with the Birthday Sale. I thought to myself, "Self, remember that über-clever card by either Dianne or Claudette that had the faucet coming out of a wine bottle? Wouldn't it be fun to re-visit Shady Al's Moonshine?" Self said, "Yessirree!" and here it is. I hope Claudette and/or Dianne aren't mad at me for lifting and adapting their idea.

I used Coffee Plumber Bird, Piper Piping with Faucet, Shady Al Owl, and Jar Plain.

All images were colored with Copic markers. I used clear Spica pens on the sentiment, three dots on the lower right, and the moonshine in the jar to make them sparkly. Moonshine should be sparkly, don't you think? It makes you FEEL sparkly or so I'd imagine since I've never had any.

The patterned paper is very old Junkitz ones. I'm really trying to use my stash before buying more, though patterned-paper-buying is an addiction. I think it's because it never makes me look fat and always matches something.

Thanks for visiting today.


  1. It's an adorable card Kathi!

  2. Too cute! I like the whole layout of this card.

  3. Its a beautiful and super cute Father's Day card.
    Happy Father's Day...

  4. I laughed out loud when I read the label. I love your sense of humour. Very unique and I love that you used such a variety of images.