Saturday, April 26, 2008

Feeling blue?

Funny how these things work. The blue cow would have been perfect for yesterday, especially if she had red edges. Yesterday was NOT a good day at all. Lots of things seemed to be going badly. I was in a rather bad mood.

Today's another story. I found a replacement for something I needed for an assignment. I found out that I was NOT a victim of mail fraud. However, I'm still feeling slightly blue. I think it's allergies, fatigue, and fun hormones.

Anyways, the card features justjohanna's new chubby cow, who is fun to color in non-cow colors.

Thanks for visiting today!


  1. awww buckets of rust! I hope you are feeling orange or blue or yellow sometime soon! It is no fun being Blue!

    Super duper fun card!

  2. I LOVE Chubby Cow! And your blue moo totally rocks!

  3. I love your cows. Hope today is happier.

  4. This card is too fun...cute stamp!