Sunday, December 23, 2007

Penguins! Yahoo!

Here's a holiday card with the ever-so-cute penguin stamps from the Winter Blast set by My Favorite Things. As always you can't see the shimmer and shine from the Twinklin' H20s. *sigh* Why does my scanner hate shiny things?

Anyways, I love penguins. There's something so appealing about them. My collection of penguin stuff is huge encompassing penguin stamps, penguin die cuts, penguin stickers, penguin patterned paper, stuffed penguins, penguin pins, penguin bric-a-brac, penguin dishes, penguin wrapping paper, and penguin books.

Thanks for visiting today!


  1. this is cute! will you show us more of your penguin cards? never get tired of more penguin in winter!

  2. Merry Christmas!!

    Wow! Lovely cards!!
    I love penguins, too:)
    I'm looking forward to see your penguins in your cards!

    Have a wonderful holidays!!

  3. I adore these penguins - I'll have to get myself some of these stamps for next year. Fabulous cards