Thursday, November 8, 2007

Mouse Licker & the Maimer strike again!

Whereas I don't like the idea of having mice in the house, I really loathe the idea of the cats chasing, mauling, and torturing mice. I HATE that I end up having to trap the mouse and my husband (or dd's boyfriend) have to get the wounded mouse out of the house. If Mouse Licker (Duchess) and the Maimer (Flash) are going to do play, maul, lick, and bite the mice, why can't they do it while we're asleep and then just eat the darned things?

So this card represents what I'd like to do with my pair of felines today, though I don't want that quantity of birds or mice in my house...ever! "Fancy cage" & "intertwined kitties" are justjohanna stamps. The paper is from Scenic Route.

I will be visiting Home Despot today in search of mouse traps that won't hurt the cats and torture the mice. Oh joy.

Thanks for visiting today.