Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Decisions, decisions.

"I taut I taw a puddy tat!" or "Rut roh"? I couldn't decide, so I didn't. The stamps are all from justjohanna.

I've been neglecting the blog yet again. I've been busy reorganizing my craftroom as my lovely dh got me two Mini Stackables. I've moved almost all of my mounted rubber stamps into these great rolling units. This freed up drawer space, so I decided to reorganize my patterned paper, which lead to me reorganizing my stickers, and rub-ons. Next up on the reorganizational hit parade are my embellishments and the chipboard collection. I also will be putting all my solid ribbon into my second Pull-Ez, since the first one has made it so much easier to see, chose, and use my ribbon. I can't wait til I'm done since I really would love to sit down and get a ton of stamping done. Alas, it'll most likely have to wait til next week.

In between all this fun reorganization (fall cleaning?), the teenager and I have been visiting colleges, which has been enjoyable. She's good company and entertaining. We've got another Road Trip this coming weekend and will be visiting two more colleges. Then the following weekend will see us visiting yet another two colleges. After that Petey (my PT Cruiser) and I will take a break from being road warriors... Or maybe not. Oh. I should mention that she's loved all four of the colleges we've seen thus far though they are about as dissimilar from one another as you could possibly get...

Enough of my rambling. Thanks for visiting.


  1. Hey stranger...we're doing the ole college rounds too...hard to believe it. We ordered grad announcement this will be here soon.

  2. I do some cleaing before I stamp on weekedn feels great!

    I love the idea of putting kitty in the cage ... so fun!

  3. Your card is really stunning!


  4. Love your cards Kath, as always.

    And, you've been tagged!

  5. I know what happens when you start to reorganize.....its never ending battle in my stamp room....your cards are great!

  6. Great! LOVE the color on the cat!
    And the cat in the cage too ;)