Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Yay. Finally some cards to share!

Whereas I've been a stamping maniac the last few weeks, I finally got around to scanning 'em and now have some new stuff that I can share! Yay!

I was putting some stuff away and came across a pile of 8.5 x 11 old Club Scrap papers and decided that it was time to use them.

All stamps are by justjohanna. Since I stamped directly onto the patterned paper, I tried different colorants and decided that the Prismacolor markers gave me look that I wanted. I do love these markers since they color with virtually no streaking and give a nice translucent color. I'm still learning how to use them and I definitely need more colors. I'm contemplating trying out some Copic markers as an alternative. If anyone wants to offer an opinion and/or pointers, please feel free to share with me!

Meanwhile, last Friday I got a delightful surprise in the mail! A copy of Vamp Stamp News, which had my Post It note book on the back cover! Yahoo! Better yet, the fabulously talented Julie Prichard had a card in the same issue. Even "betterer" (yep. I said it!), we both won the random drawing for back issues. So, double Yahoo. :-D

I will be posting more stuff later in the week.

Thanks for visiting today!


  1. wow...I don't know about fabulous...lol Thanks for the mention.

    Now- I LOVE the colors on these cards! They are very elegant looking!!

  2. ABSOLUTELY beautiful cards!


  3. double yahoo!
    Great! so proud of you and Julie. You both are talented!