Friday, July 27, 2007

Shocking! Two posts in one day!

These cards feature the new release by justjohanna stamps. Click here. to check 'em out. They're now available and are just totally wonderful.

Chalk, chalk pencils, watercolor, and Twinklin' H2Os were the colorants this time. Sadly, the light blue of the sky and/or water and the grey of the shadows doesn't show up in the scan. You'd think I'd remember "non-photo blue" from my years working in the publishing/printing industry. Plus, the scanner completely erased the cool shimmery look of the chalked cupcake frosting. Ah well.


Julie said...

These look great, Kathi :)

Emilia said...

What a great idea! The ship in the bottle! I enjoy these cards a lot!
Don't you love these new release? I just don't have enough of them.

Cathrine StClair said...

Oh! The ship in the bottle - love it

And the bird nest congrats is great too!

Godelieve said...

These are amazing Kathi! Love the ship in the bottle, and the green flamingo!

Marlou said...

what beautiful cards :)